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Back40 Funding

About Us

We believe crowdfunding is the future of lending. The power of technology has allowed services like Uber to disrupt traditional transportation, AirBnb to empower entrepreneurs to carve out their spot in the hospitality industry, and Robinhood to embolden the everyday investor in the face of powerful hedge funds. Crowdfund investing has the potential to disrupt traditional lending by connecting those seeking funding directly to the great crowd of individuals looking to make money with their money.

In the near future, we imagine banks won't be the only place homeowners turn to for a loan to buy their home. Crowdfunding has the power to change how we borrow, lend and connect together.

Image by Paul Kapischka

What's "Back40"?

In the 1860’s congress passed the Homestead Act, an initiative that would gift 160 acre plots of land to inspire adventurous settlers to expand westward. Settlers began developing there land, subdividing it into four equal parts and often utilizing the “Back 40” acres to farm. Over time, The "Back 40" became synonymous with farming and farming over many years would become synonymous with rural America.


Yet sadly opportunities can be limited for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Back40 Funding is here to change that.


The Perfect Storm

Not only do we believe in the power of Crowdfund investing, and Rural America but modern trends are showing an exodus of families leaving urban centers and relocating to rural areas. This trend can be credited to the power of technology that is affording people the opportunity to work remotely. As more companies continue to make this transition, trends are showing families leaving urban centers in order to enjoy big-city wages, with the benefits of small-town life.

Opportunity Knocks

With these factors coming together, we believe that the demand to revitalize rural communities has never been greater. As a result, we’re committed to helping to bring opportunity to the Back 40 through leveraging Real Estate Crowdfunding, a solution for Real Estate Entrepreneurs to find the funding they need and an opportunity for everyday people to invest without having to be an expert in Real Estate.

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